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Hello, my name is Danielle Paulson. Welcome to my website about cookies, pies and cakes. Although there are so many different types of baked goods made around the world, cookies, pies and cakes tend to lead the pack when it comes to the all-time favorites. I will explore how these baked goods are made in large and small bakeries worldwide. I invite you to utilize the information on my site to create your own baked creations. I hope you will also look at your local bakeries in a new light after reading the info on my site. Please come back again soon.

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What Makes The Perfect Burger?
2 August 2017

The hamburger is an American favorite and the perf


What Makes The Perfect Burger?

The hamburger is an American favorite and the perfect food for driving. It is a food that you see at cookouts, on commercials and at sporting events. If you want to recreate your favorite burger, then you need the right ingredients. Regardless of the type, a good burger starts with these three things. Read on to find out what makes the perfect burger.

Choose The Right Meat

It is common to think the right cooking method and garnishes are what makes a tasty burger. A good burger starts with the right ground beef. You want a ground beef that has a high fat content. When you bite into a burger, it should be nice and juicy with each bite.

It is impossible to get this moisture with a lean ground beef. Burgers tend to dry out fast because of being cooked at high temperatures, which is the reason for a high fat content. You should choose a ground beef that is 20 percent fat and 80 percent lean.

Choose The Right Bread

A good burger needs a good bun. The wrong bun can make eating a hamburger a bad experience. You want to pick a fresh bun, one that has good bread to burger ratio and a bun that is not to flimsy. Kaiser buns fit this criteria and would be a good addition to any burger.

They are made with yeast and white wheat flour. These Kaiser roll are also large, round, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. The bulky and fluffy interior is good for a big, juicy burger.

Add In Onions

Onions are a good complement for any burger sandwich. You can do a lot with onions. If you are going to have raw onions as a topping, then you should use red onions. Red onions are a good choice when eating them raw. They have a crisp texture and a mild, sweet flavor. You can also add onions to the ground beef mixture. If you want cooked onions, then you can caramelize them and add as a topping. Onions add flavor to any burger.

At this point, you can add anything from condiments to vegetables. Hamburgers are very versatile and can fall in any food category. For example, you can make Greek and taco burgers. It all depends on what you are craving. If you are not sure, you can always go with the classic hamburger.